Music, She Wrote

March 29-31
Alpha60 Chapter House

Program & tickets

Concert 1: Turning in
Weds 29/03

Georgina Lewis
Billie Tumarkin

Barbara Strozzi - L’Eraclito Amoroso
Sally Whitwell - In the Deep Heart's Core
Stefania Turkewich - Буває тужу (I Yearn for You)
Stefania Turkewich - Емігрантська елегія (Emigration Elegy)
Ann Southam - Remembering Schubert for piano solo
Viteszlava Kaprolává - Navždy (Forever), Op. 12
No. 1 Navždy (Forever)
No. 2 Cim je muj zal (What is my Grief)
Dobrinka Tabakova - Nocturne for piano solo
Andrea Keller - If Death is Kind
Missy Mazzoli - You Are the Dust

The first concert reflects the moment of stillness before change: a quiet breath of introspection, of thought, of turning in.
Pianist Georgina Lewis and soprano Billie Tumarkin join forces to take a journey to the inner landscape of the soul, with works from across the globe. Known for her sensitivity and authentic, unfiltered musicality, as well as her curation of captivating programs, Lewis is a cornerstone of Melbourne’s chamber music scene. Turning In sees her collaborate with Billie Tumarkin, a young singer at the intersection of classical, folk, and contemporary music. Billie draws on her Ukrainian heritage to dedicate herself to learning song traditions of many different cultures, and 2023 sees her begin her Masters degree in opera singing at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.
Turning In muses on the acts of weaving, women’s work, and journeying. From 1930’s Czechoslovakia, to Ukrainian art songs, to Canadian minimalism, and the vibrancy of American Missy Mazzoli, Lewis and Tumarkin’s program is richly coloured and deeply touching.

Concert 2: Breaking step
Thu 30/03

Rubiks Collective

ProgramAnna Clyne - Fits and Starts
Sam Wolf - Want Not
Julia Wolfe - East Broadway
Molly Joyce - Less Is More
Leah Blankendaal - Beacon
Gemma Peacocke - Sky Fields

The festival’s central concert marks the act of breaking step, of venturing out from the status quo. Melbourne’s beloved contemporary art music ensemble Rubiks Collective has championed female composers since their inception in 2015, through their own concerts and the Pythia Prize, a composition prize specifically for women composers. Rubiks brings their signature dynamism and vivacity to Chapter House, with the vibrant combination of piano (Jacob Abela), percussion (Kaylie Melville), cello (Gemma Kneale) and flute (Tamara Kohler). With a particular interest in storytelling and cross-art collaboration, Rubiks has quickly established a reputation for excellence, delighting audiences with their unique programming and dazzling virtuosity.

Concert 3: New Beginnings
Fri 31/03

Ceridwen McCooey
Croissants & Whiskey

ProgramCeridwen McCooey (originals)A Starless, Fatherless Sky
When you are ready for words
How Green Is My Valley?
For the Performer (World Premiere)
Croissants & WhiskeyLouisa Trewartha - Baroque Quartet
Alice Chance - O Pastor Animarum
Katie Yap - Multitudes (World Premiere)
Elizabeth Younan - The Fertile Crescent

The final concert celebrates the new paths that emerge after change. Cellist and 2022 winner of 3MBS’s young artist prize, The Talent, Ceridwen McCooey takes the stage to tell her story of forging her own path. With a program of original works, including a world premiere, her music draws on the clarity of contemporary classical music, combining it with the freedom of improvisation, using live looped layers to create rich, ever-changing textures.Prog-baroque quartet Croissants & Whiskey, formed in the midst of 2020 lockdowns, rounds off the festival. Representing a new direction for baroque instruments, theirs is an unconventional blend of harpsichord (Joy Lee), recorders (Ryan Williams), baroque viola (Katie Yap), and G violone (Miranda Hill). They are quickly becoming known for the musicality, flair, and humour they bring to their performances, blending the sonorous with the sharp, and drawing audiences from around the state.

Croissants & Whiskey
Combining four of Melbourne’s most versatile and in-demand musicians, prog-baroque quartet Croissants & Whiskey brings a new energy to ancient instruments. An unconventional blend of Harpsichord, G Violone, Baroque Viola, and Recorders creates new, unexpected timbres, blending the sonorous with the sharp. Performing baroque and modern compositions, Croissants & Whiskey is currently writing its own original music, and commissioning new works from diverse Australian voices.
Formed during 2020’s stage 4 lockdown, Croissants & Whiskey is named for the refreshing libations at those first joyous post-pandemic rehearsals. Joy Lee, Ryan Williams, Katie Yap, and Miranda Hill bring musicality, focus, and humour to their work, making any performance one not to miss.


Music, She wrote

Presented by 3MBS and led by Artistic Director, Katie Yap, Music, She Wrote is a festival celebrating women in music. Since its inception in 2021, we have proudly presented the finest local chamber musicians in diverse programs of classical, jazz, and folk music by female composers. It is our mission to tell women's stories in our own voices, and to show that inclusion never has to mean settling for second best.The 2023 festival will be held from March 29-31 at Alpha60 Chapter House, in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.


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Katie Yap

Born in Brisbane, and based in Melbourne for over 10 years, Katie is known for her deeply personal performances as a modern and baroque violist; and a flair for thoughtful, narrative-driven, engaging programs as a curator. She believes deeply that the classical canon deserves to expand to include music of the highest quality by people who don't quite fit the standard mould. Music, She Wrote celebrates the female and gender diverse composers and performers whose music is no less deserving of an audience than Bach and Beethoven.Katie is the 2022 Freedman Fellow, a 2023 Musica Viva Australia Futuremaker, and is Artistic Director of Wattleseed Ensemble. Her great love is chamber music, and she is a founding member of prog-baroque quartet Croissants & Whiskey, and Chrysalis Harp Trio; and she plays regularly with chamber ensembles around the country. Amongst other large ensembles, she plays with Van Diemen's Band, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian World Orchestra, and Melbourne Chamber Orchestra.


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